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Voiding a partially applied Payables transaction in Dynamics GP

Periodically I get calls or see questions online about how to void a partially applied Payables transaction in Dynamics GP. This is one area where the Payables module differs drastically from the Receivables module and you have to jump through some hoops to actually accomplish this. The issue is that when you go to void […]

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Change GP fiscal period names using SQL Server

Every time I create a new fiscal year in Dynamics GP or show customers how to do it, I get a little frustrated that I have to manually rename all the periods. Some users may not care that instead of January GP displays Period 1, but I don’t think that is very user friendly. So, for more years […]

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Dynamics GP build numbers and service packs

I have posted a number of different resources in the past for finding Dynamics GP service pack levels based on build numbers, however, I wanted to put together something where you can check the major service pack builds for the main GP components all in one place. I have also added some helpful links below each version. […]

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Dynamics GP Trial Balance in Excel using FRx

While I work with SQL and Crystal Reports every day, there are some reports that are just easier created elsewhere. One example is a GL Trial Balance that you want to export to Excel. There are many ways of handling this requirement, I like using FRx for it.  Below are steps by step instructions on how to […]

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Using credit cards to pay vendors in Dynamics GP

There are a number of different ways to record paying vendors with credit cards in GP.  This is a topic that comes up periodically in newsgroups and I would like to share what I have personally found to be the most straightforward and comprehensive way.  This is a long one but at least there will be […]

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Payables Return transactions in Dynamics GP

There is a little known, but very useful transaction type in the Payables module called Return.  Every few weeks or so I see a question in the newsgroups or a call comes in from a customer where the answer is to use the Payables Return transaction.  A typical scenario where a Return is needed goes something […]

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Sales Transaction Entry GL distributions in Dynamics GP

The topic of General Ledger distributions for Sales Order Processing transactions has been known to cause a fair amount of confusion for Dynamics GP users.  I would like to address some of the typical questions we receive on this. Please click on the screen shots to see them larger/clearer.  Just to set the stage, I am talking about the […]

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Year end close in Dynamics GP

Every year we get a slew of phone calls about closing the year in GP. Usually these start in December and I  thought I would beat the rush this year. Here are some resources and notes I have compiled over the years on the year end close. I will add to this post as I find more […]

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When does my GP product’s support end?

Here is a list I refer to all the time when I need to find out when a GP version came out and when support will end: Product Version Product Release/Start Mainstream Support End Extended Support End Additional information GP 6.0 03/31/2004 n/a n/a GP 7.0 03/31/2005 n/a n/a GP 7.5 07/01/2003 01/09/2007 n/a Link GP […]

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What Service Pack am I on?

Something I find very useful is to have a chart of all the various service packs and versions so that I can quickly determine what build numbers really mean and where to find them inside GP. Click here for a PDF with the GP 10.0 service pack versions.   And below are charts for GP […]

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Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 9.0

Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 9.0 is out!  Looks like this is the last Service Pack for GP 9.0.  On one hand I find that a little strange since GP 9.0 will be supported until 2011. On the other hand, GP 9.0 is very stable and I really don’t hear of too many things that […]

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