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New SmartList Builder features from eOne

As promised, eOne has released new SmartList Builder features as soon as it got the product back from Microsoft. (If you’re not sure what I mean by that, here is a reminder.) I am hoping to test all of this out in the upcoming week, but in the meantime, I am very excited by some of […]

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Important SmartList Builder announcement

On the heels of the Extender and Collections Management announcements over the last year, it has just been announced that SmartList Builder is joining the Microsoft Dynamics GP OEM modules “coming home”. You can read about all the reasons and details for this in Martin Olsen’s comprehensive announcement on the eOne blog. This is certainly […]

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How to use a SQL view in SmartList Builder

Something I have been asked more than a few times is how to use a SQL view in SmartList Builder to create a new SmartList.  I am going to walk through this step by step using Dynamics GP 10.0 SP 3 and SQL Server 2005 SP 3:   STEP 1  –  create SQL view To start […]

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SQL view to show security roles and tasks in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP 10.0 has brought about a drastic change in GP security. Not only is the security pessimistic now, so by default no permissions are granted, but setting up and administering security is quite different from what many of us are used to after working with previous versions of GP for many years. And, of course, reporting on […]

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Adding Extender Data to SmartLists

This has been a very popular question for support lately: “I have created an Extender window, how do I add data from it to my SmartLists?”  Extender includes the ability to add fields to both existing SmartLists or ones created in SmartList Builder.  Below is an example using GP 9.0.  [Click on any of the […]

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Granting access to a new SmartList in Dynamics GP

We have been seeing a lot of questions on granting access to new SmartList Builder SmartLists. Because this is so different from older versions of Dynamics GP, we’ve created a really detailed list to go through it. This may be overkill for some, but it will hopefully cover every needed scenario. (Update: These instructions will work for […]

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