MR & FRx Resources

Anything marked with a λ will require a login to either CustomerSource or PartnerSource.  If you have questions about accessing CustomerSource or PartnerSource, take a look at this post by David Musgrave and Scott Stephenson.

Management Reporter


9 Responses to “MR & FRx Resources”

  1. Is there a way to get the SQL queries behind the FRX reports? Company wants to get away from using FRX and have same reports duplicated in SSRS. I have the presentation of one report ready to go, but the data is not matching.

    I’m hoping to use the same query that FRX is using.



  2. Victoria,

    Do you know of a list that compares MR version to the appropriate GP Version?
    For example is there a list somewhere of which MR version is compatable with GP2010 sp4..

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.



  3. Hi victoria,

    I have a customized report in gp using crystal reports. instead of using gp reports viewer, is there a way to insert the crystal report to management reporter? and management reporter to gp 2010 reports?

    Thank you,




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