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Refreshable Excel report for monthly actuals vs. budgets in Dynamics GP

A lot of the requests I get are for actual vs. budget reporting. Certainly FRx and Management Reporter can do this pretty easily, but more and more I see users wanting this in Excel with a refreshable report. This blog post will give you everything you need to create a refreshable Excel report that shows monthly […]

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Refreshable Excel report for historical GL trial balance in Dynamics GP

Want to see your historical General Ledger trial balance in Excel? Yes, you can always print out the one from GP and dump it to Excel and manipulate the results, but there is an easier way. Below is a stored procedure you can use to create this. As an added bonus, if you’re using GP Reports Viewer you can […]

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Refreshable Excel report for monthly GL budget in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP has some great functionality for uploading a General Ledger budget from Excel. However, if you have a lot of accounts, getting the data back into Excel is sometimes a little more time consuming than desired. I recently created a refreshable Excel report that uses a SQL stored procedure for this and wanted to […]

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Create a refreshable Excel report based on a SQL Server stored procedure

A long awaited new feature is being released today for our GP Reports Viewer – Excel reports. What I think is truly amazing about this new feature is the fact that you can set up an Excel report based on a stored procedure to allow users to enter parameters and also to improve performance of your reports. […]

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Assign sequential numbers in SQL Server

Here is a cool little SQL Server tip from the April GP Reports Viewer newsletter. Say you have a list of rows and you want to assign sequential numbers to them, so that you always know which one is first, second, etc. Or so that you can display line numbers. This is often a need […]

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Changing part of a string in SQL Server using REPLACE

This latest SQL Server tip comes from the Feb/March 2013 GP Reports Viewer newsletter. Have you ever needed to change part of a string in SQL Server? I have seen this come up in a variety of situations, like needing to change account names in the General Ledger or needing to show something differently when […]

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How to add a sparkline to a report in SSRS

Introduction: This blog post is written by my friend and colleague Mickie Stamm. Mickie is a fabulous Dexterity, SQL and application developer and is one of the great minds behind GP Reports Viewer. By Mickie Stamm: In the last GP Reports Viewer newsletter I wrote about using rectangles as containers in SQL Server Reporting Services […]

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Coding for specific dates in Crystal Reports

Below is an old tip from one of the GP Reports Viewer monthly newsletters. In the past few months I have had to look this up several times, because I just cannot seem to remember the syntax, so I thought I would put it on my blog, where it will be easier for to find […]

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Using Lookups in GP Reports Viewer to make parameter selection more user friendly

One of the critical elements in reporting is parameter selection. During report creation it is essential to make sure that the proper parameters are added to the report to correctly filter on the data the users want to see. However, it doesn’t just stop there. To ensure user friendly reports it is also very important […]

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Concatenating strings in SQL Server

This SQL Server tip comes from the April 2012 edition of the GP Reports Viewer newsletter. A request that we have seen many times when creating SOP invoices for Dynamics GP is to concatenate serial numbers.  So if there is an item with serial numbers, instead of showing a list with one serial number per […]

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Emailing SOP invoices in GP 2010 made easy with GP Reports Viewer

 Background / The Problem For many companies a long awaited new feature introduced with Dynamics GP 2010 was the ability to email SOP (Sales Order Processing) invoices directly from GP. Many of our customers have started to offer emailing of invoices to their customers and are seeing an increased number of requests for emailed invoices. However, […]

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SQL view for SOP email setup in GP 2010

I am starting to work with emailing SOP documents using Dynamics GP 2010 and new functionality that we are going to be releasing in an upcoming build of GP Reports Viewer. It’s pretty cool stuff, however, as I am working with customers to set this up, we’re finding that out-of-the box GP does not have any […]

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Decisions Spring 2011

Sign up for Decisions Spring 2011

MSDynamicsWorld.com is putting on another virtual show in a few weeks called Decisions Spring 2011. My company, Flexible Solutions, has been a sponsor at the last few Decisions events and they just keep getting better. All the Dynamics products have their own day, Dynamics GP day is June 15. You can read all about the exciting […]

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See you at Decisions Fall 2010

Today is Microsoft Dynamics GP day at the Decisions Fall 2010 virtual conference. I will be at the Flexible Solutions booth talking about our GP Reports Viewer add-on. For anyone not familiar with it, GP Reports Viewer is a solution to manage Crystal and SSRS reports inside Dynamics GP.  Decisions Fall 2010 is free, so there is no reason not to […]

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Renaming tables in Crystal Reports

From the May 2010 GP Reports Viewer newsletter comes a tip for renaming the tables (or views or stored procedures) on Crystal Reports. Some may ask why this in needed – I actually use this quite a bit in the following scenario. I often find that I am using one report as a template for another […]

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Decisions, decisions

The new era of trade shows is here. Virtual trade shows. No more leaving the office for a week, trying to work from the road, all to see what’s happening with Dynamics GP. And no more paying for travel and registration fees. Decisions 2010, brought to us by MSDynamicsWorld.com, starts tomorrow and is free! There is a […]

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