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Did you know you can change Void dates on Payables transactions?

I often surprise people by telling them to change the void dates when they void Payables transactions in Dynamics GP. If you’re voiding something that was just entered, leaving the defaulted dates is usually fine. However, when you are voiding an old check because you’re going to re-issue it, you typically want to void using the same date as the […]

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SQL code to show top X percent of vendor data

I had an interesting request the other day – how do you show the top 10 (or 20) percent of vendor payments (or invoices) for a particular date range? This is something that has to be done in a several steps – first you have to get your data, then summarize of it, then calculate the top […]

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SQL view for total payments to 1099 vendors in the prior year

We received several requests just yesterday for a listing of total vendor payments in the prior calendar year. Below is a view that will show the total payments in the prior year for all 1099 vendors. This is not necessarily meant to match the report that comes out from the Print 1099 window, rather this is total payments for […]

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SQL view for Dynamics GP vendors with last activity date

I have seen many requests recently for a way to see what Dynamics GP vendors have had no recent activity. Since ‘recent’ can mean different things, I thought I would put together a view that shows the last activity date for each vendor. Once you have this you can easily filter for whatever date range you […]

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SQL view for current Payables aging detail in Dynamics GP

I have received a few requests for a detailed version my Current Payables Aging Summary view. Here it is. This code is only looking at functional currency and will return one row per open (unpaid) payables transaction. I am hard-coding the aging using the default aging setup installed with GP, which is aging by due date and using the […]

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Voiding a partially applied Payables transaction in Dynamics GP

Periodically I get calls or see questions online about how to void a partially applied Payables transaction in Dynamics GP. This is one area where the Payables module differs drastically from the Receivables module and you have to jump through some hoops to actually accomplish this. The issue is that when you go to void […]

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SQL view for vendor yearly totals in Dynamics GP

There has been a lot of talk lately about the year end close Payables and Receivables. I feel like I have spent the last week or two justifying my reasoning for not needing to perform the year end close for Payables and Receivables to many of my customers and blog readers. (For more on this, […]

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SQL view to show monthly totals for Dynamics GP Vendors

In response to a reader request, I have created this new view based on my Vendor Yearly Totals view that will show monthly totals for your Dynamics GP Vendors for all years. This view will show both the numbers and names of the months and assumes that you have 12 periods corresponding to the calendar […]

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SQL view for current Payables aging in Dynamics GP

Over the past few years I have had several requests for a summary current Payables aging report that can be easily exported into Excel. Yes, you can play with the Report Writer aging report to take out the headers and make it export to Excel, but sometimes there are other reasons for wanting a report outside […]

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SQL view for Payables apply detail and GL distributions in Dynamics GP

Who doesn’t need yet another view for Payables transactions in Dynamics GP?  🙂 The view below is a combination of my Payment Apply Detail and GL Distributions for AP Transactions views. It lists all Payments, then shows the transactions they were applied to and the GL distributions of those applied to transactions. You can find other Dynamics GP Payables […]

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SQL view for Payables invoices originating from POP in Dynamics GP

This Dynamics GP SQL view originated from a request on the Dynamics GP customer forum, but is also something that I can see being useful in a variety of situations. It returns all posted Payables invoices that came from the Purchase Order Processing module with details of the items that were received on each invoice as well […]

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SQL view to show yearly totals for Dynamics GP Vendors

Below is a view that will show yearly totals for your Dynamics GP Vendors. It’s something we have used internally for a while, but I have recently gotten a few requests for it, so I cleaned it up and am sharing it. This will show yearly totals for calendar years. If you want to use fiscal years […]

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Updates to SQL view to show all GL distributions for AP transactions

I have made a number of updates to my SQL view to show all GL distributions for AP transactions since I first published it. Some of these were in response to comments asking for additional fields, others were added when I came across new data to test with. Rather than publish another post with the latest revisions, I have updated the […]

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SQL view for Payables payment apply detail in GP

I have published SQL views that return all posted Payables payments in Dynamics GP and Payables apply information to help identify what payments (or credits) paid off an invoice, however another frequent request is for a list of payments and their apply information.  Below is a view that returns a list of all posted payments with details on how […]

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SQL view for all posted Payables transactions in Dynamics GP

Payables Transactions have been a popular request for reports lately. Below is a view that lists all posted Payables transactions in functional currency. Voided transactions are not excluded. For other SQL views on Dynamics GP data, please visit my GP Reports page. ~~~~~ CREATE VIEW view_PM_Transactions AS /*************************************************************** view_PM_Transactions Created Oct 12 2009 by Victoria Yudin – Flexible […]

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SQL view for all posted Payables payments in Dynamics GP

This view is in response to more than a few inquiries I have had for a vendor check report. This view brings in all payments, not just checks, so if only checks are needed, add the following to the end of the WHERE clause: AND P.PYENTTYP = 0 For other SQL code, please visit my […]

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What’s with all these dates?

There are many different dates stored in Dynamics GP. This is typically a good thing, my philosophy is that it is always better to have more data than you need and not the other way around. However, it can get confusing rather quickly since a lot of the labels for the dates sound very similar. I will attempt […]

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How to use a SQL view in SmartList Builder

Something I have been asked more than a few times is how to use a SQL view in SmartList Builder to create a new SmartList.  I am going to walk through this step by step using Dynamics GP 10.0 SP 3 and SQL Server 2005 SP 3:   STEP 1  –  create SQL view To start […]

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