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SQL view for rolling 12 months of sales by item in Dynamics GP

Rolling twelve month reports are not always very easy to create,  and I have been seeing more requests for them, so I thought I would show an example of one way to do this. The view below is a variation of my sales by item by month view, however instead of specifying all months in […]

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SQL view for sales quantities by customer by item by year

Seems like no many how many variations of sales reports there are, people will always want more. I recently had a request for something similar to my view for sales quantities by item by year, but also adding in the customer.  Below is code for a view to accomplish this. This view makes a number of […]

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Dynamics GP inventory by location with dates and sites

In response to a request from a reader, I have created a new version of the Inventory with Dates script to show the same information by Site ID. I also added a Quantity on Order column. You can see more Dynamics GP Inventory scripts here. Or visit my GP Reports page for links to additional GP […]

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SQL view for Inventory Price Levels in Dynamics GP

When you are creating prices for different price levels in Dynamics GP, there is no easy way to see these, or to see all the prices for a particular price level. Below is a view that can help with this. ~~~~~ CREATE VIEW view_Inventory_Price_Levels AS /******************************************************************* view_Inventory_Price_Levels Created on Aug 9, 2010 by Victoria Yudin – […]

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SQL view for inventory items and dates

This view is a little bit of a twist on my previous SQL view for inventory quantities on hand. The results of this view will give you a list of your Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory items, current quantities and the last sales and purchase dates along with the vendor. For other SQL views on Dynamics GP data, please visit […]

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SQL view for inventory quantities on hand

I haven’t had much time to blog lately as we have added functionality to our GP Reports Viewer product that allows seamless replacement of SOP reports in Dynamics GP and the amount of interest has been overwhelming.  However, I just needed to create a new SmartList to show current inventory quantities on hand with their costs and I […]

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SQL view to show customer pricing

Here is a view to show customer specific item pricing in Dynamics GP when using standard pricing.  This will work either with SmartList Builder or Crystal Reports as I have made sure not to put any spaces in the names.  If you are using SmartList Builder this means you may want to go down the […]

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Year end close in Dynamics GP

Every year we get a slew of phone calls about closing the year in GP. Usually these start in December and I  thought I would beat the rush this year. Here are some resources and notes I have compiled over the years on the year end close. I will add to this post as I find more […]

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Dynamics GP Inventory table information

I’ve posted up a new page with GP Inventory table information.  You can see the entire list of modules available so far on the main GP Reports page.  That page also has links to additional resources and the GP SQL views I’ve posted recently.  I’ve gotten some requests for other modules, so I’ll work on putting those together next.  Is there […]

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