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  1. Hi Victoria,

    Are you releasing a book for GP 2015 or higher?


  2. I can’t seem to find this anywhere in GP 2015 and your reports always seem the best so maybe you will know. Is there any way to show in SQL the “Base Price” & “Increment of Change” fields under the Item Maintenance card? I have looked high and low and can’t seem to find them anywhere and I need to get a list of them for all our items that have them so we can do a mass look into pricing for various items. And thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  3. Hi Everyone,
    We are planning to migrate previous years’ rm transactions to history.
    Do you think there would be any adverse impacts on performance if the business users are actively in the system while we do this


    • Hi Abhiram,

      Do you mean you are going to use the Paid Transaction Removal routine? If so, unfortunately, there is no way to predict impact on performance without knowing a huge number of facts about your system and network setup, number of records, usage, etc. I would say that if this is a concern, it would be best to run the routine off-hours to minimize the risk of any performance issues.



  4. Hi Victoria –

    Anything in the works for a GP2015 implementation book?


  5. Hello Everyone,
    We are preparing for our GP2015 upgrade and we have between 20 – 25 GP company’s to upgrade. About 30% of these GP company’s have their own unique report.dic file. In our current environment all GP users have GP installed on their own local desktops, which makes it possible to have multiple report.dic files. We have one UNC path with multiple folders specific to each GP company.
    For example, Servername/Greatplains/PAname/report.dic. In this case the ‘PAname’ is what makes the path unique to the user during the GP installation on their location workstation.
    Moving forward with the GP2015 upgrade we would like to eliminate installing GP on local workstations for all users and introduce GP to a citrix environment where all users will access GP through Citrix.
    My question is, is it possible to have multiple report.dic files unique to users in a GP citrix environment. If this is possible, how would this be configured within the citrix environment. If anyone has gone through this scenario, please advise.



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