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SQL view for Payables invoices originating from POP in Dynamics GP

This Dynamics GP SQL view originated from a request on the Dynamics GP customer forum, but is also something that I can see being useful in a variety of situations. It returns all posted Payables invoices that came from the Purchase Order Processing module with details of the items that were received on each invoice as well […]

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What’s with all these dates?

There are many different dates stored in Dynamics GP. This is typically a good thing, my philosophy is that it is always better to have more data than you need and not the other way around. However, it can get confusing rather quickly since a lot of the labels for the dates sound very similar. I will attempt […]

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SQL view to show items with SOP POP link

Here is a view to show all Sales Order Processing line items with the SOP-POP link in Dynamics GP.  You can use this with either SmartList Builder Crystal Reports, as I have made sure not to put any spaces in the column names.  I maintain a list of all the SQL code I’ve published on […]

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SQL view to show what check paid a Purchase Order

There is no easy way in Dynamics GP to see what check or credit memo was applied to a particular Purchase Order. Here is a SQL view that can be used in SmartList Builder or any other reporting tool you choose to see this information. For other SQL scripts please visit my GP Reports Page. ~~~~~ […]

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Dynamics GP POP table information

There is a new page with information now available for Purchase Order Processing tables.  I have also updated the Company/System Tables page with more data.  As always, you can see a list of all the information available so far on the main GP Reports page, which will also show the dates the individual pages have […]

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