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Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10

Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10.0 has been released. There is quite a long list of fixes, you can see them all in the Service Pack 4 Installation Guide. Starting with GP 10.0 any service pack or hotfix now requires an update of modified forms and reports using GP Utilities. Detailed steps for doing this […]

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Crystal Reports service packs and versions

Here is a handy list for determining what version and service pack of Crystal Reports you are running: CR 2013 2011 2008 XI R2 XI R1 RTM SP 0 SP 1 SP 2  link SP 3 […]

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Service Pack 3 for Dynamics GP 10.0

Service Pack 3 for Dynamics GP 10.0 has just been released.  This service pack is cumulative – it includes all fixes and enhancements that were included in all previous service packs, hotfixes, and compliance updates. It does not include US Payroll tax tables. I have updated my post that details all the GP service pack versions to include […]

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What Service Pack am I on?

Something I find very useful is to have a chart of all the various service packs and versions so that I can quickly determine what build numbers really mean and where to find them inside GP. Click here for a PDF with the GP 10.0 service pack versions.   And below are charts for GP […]

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Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 9.0

Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 9.0 is out!  Looks like this is the last Service Pack for GP 9.0.  On one hand I find that a little strange since GP 9.0 will be supported until 2011. On the other hand, GP 9.0 is very stable and I really don’t hear of too many things that […]

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