What Service Pack am I on?

Something I find very useful is to have a chart of all the various service packs and versions so that I can quickly determine what build numbers really mean and where to find them inside GP.

Click here for a PDF with the GP 10.0 service pack versions.


And below are charts for GP 8.0 and 9.0:

 You may need to click a few times to get the charts to a size where you can see them.


  • Updated on 10.16.2008 to include new SP 3 for GP 10.0
  •  Updated on 09.08.2009 to replace GP 10.0 chart with PDF link.

12 Responses to “What Service Pack am I on?”

  1. Hi Victoria,

    I am a frequent visitor of your blog as yours is surely very helpful in providing information for all the things I need to know with regards to GP.

    Once again, I went to this blog in my search for the Service pack 4 or 5 for GP 8.0. I can’t seem to find any site with the actual download link for the service pack and I am wondering if there is anybody kind enough to lead me to it as I have learned that Partnersource no longer hosts the download page for service packs for GP 8.0 and lower versions. please help.

    I am upgrading from Version 8 to GP2010.




  2. I’ve downloaded sp4 hotfix and double click to install. It gets so far and the progress bar starts going backwards until finished. I never get anything saying it successfully installed. Once I go to launch GP it still has SP3. Can you let me know what i could be doing wrong.


  3. Thanks Stacey!

    I am not seeing a resource for IM versions anywhere official…if you’re looking for GP 10, here is the info I was able to find:

    RTM 10.00.0836
    SP 1 10.00.0932
    SP 2 10.00.1072
    SP 3 10.00.1221

    I will see if I can get confirmation on what I have and find all the versions for GP 9.0 and and if so, I will publish a separate blog post with all of them.



  4. Victoria,

    Great Work. Can you include versions for Integration Manager?



  5. Good work Victoria. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this.



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