Discount from Packt Publishing

Have you been thinking you want to get one of my books, but holding off? No time like the present! Through the end of September my publisher, Packt Publishing, is offering 50% off if you use discount code MDGP150. No more excuses. 🙂

2 Responses to “Discount from Packt Publishing”

  1. That’s a fantastic deal. I’ve just about worn out my GP2010 implementation book and am looking forward to purchasing your 2015 version when it comes out.

    If you’re sitting on the fence about getting one of these, you don’t have a better time to jump than now. I was new to GP a couple years ago which means I’m still new to GP, but implementing GP2010 answered so many questions that I didn’t know I had. It is a fantastic desktop resource that gets you through things you don’t deal with every day and it comes from an expert in the field so you can’t go wrong.

    This feedback was not requested, nor am I receiving any compensation for it. I just wanted everyone to know what a great resource this is.



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