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New resource to find Dynamics GP table and field information

Since I have posted a lot of Dynamics GP table information and SQL code, I often get asked the question “what table holds ____ “? Sometimes I just know the answer off the top of my head (yeah, I think that’s scary, too), but once in a while I have to look it up. I have various […]

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Awesome resources available from Mark Polino

Mark Polino, one of the very first Dynamics GP bloggers and someone who has personally inspired me often with his writing, has done some spring cleaning on his blog. There is a ton of great content, but I would like to point out these two great resources: SQL Scripts – one location with descriptions and links for many […]

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SQL view with security resource details for Dynamics GP

As a corollary to my view showing the Dynamics GP security roles and tasks assigned to users, I have created another view that adds the security resource details. Thank you very much to Tim Foster for pointing me to a newsgroup post by David Musgrave detailing how to populate the SY09400 table in SQL which holds […]

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Dynamics GP Bank Rec table information

A new page is now available with table information for the Bank Reconciliation module.  I have reorganized all the pages a little so they are now alphabetized on the sidebar to the right and hopefully easier to find.  All of the available pages as well as other resources for GP Reports are listed on my GP […]

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Dynamics GP Fixed Assets table information

I have posted up a new page with Dynamics GP Fixed Assets table information.  This is part of my ongoing library of Dynamics GP reporting information.  A directory of all the information I’ve posted up so far is on the main GP Reports page.

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Dynamics GP Inventory table information

I’ve posted up a new page with GP Inventory table information.  You can see the entire list of modules available so far on the main GP Reports page.  That page also has links to additional resources and the GP SQL views I’ve posted recently.  I’ve gotten some requests for other modules, so I’ll work on putting those together next.  Is there […]

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Dynamics GP GL table information

A new page has been posted up with the General Ledger table information.  A list of all the various pages available can be seen on the main GP Reports page.  I have also included links there to some additional reporting resources published by fellow Dynamics GP bloggers.

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Dynamics GP POP table information

There is a new page with information now available for Purchase Order Processing tables.  I have also updated the Company/System Tables page with more data.  As always, you can see a list of all the information available so far on the main GP Reports page, which will also show the dates the individual pages have […]

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Dynamics GP SOP table information

I have posted up a new page for SOP Tables to help with reporting on GP Sales Order Processing data.  I also have a complete list with updated dates on my main GP Reports page so that you can see what has new content and what is coming in the future.  If there is any information you’d […]

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GP Table Information

We have been collecting a lot of information while creating reports with GP for all these years. Some of it is stored in our overworked and under-rested brains (well, most of it)…but a bit here and there we’ve actually committed to some sort of electronic format. I will be adding to it over time, but […]

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