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How to get rid of negative payment transactions in Dynamics GP

A few versions ago Microsoft introduced the ability to enter a negative payment (Cash Receipt) for a customer in Microsoft Dynamics GP. I have now worked with a number of customers that have these negative payments sitting on customer accounts who needed help getting rid of them. Below is what this typically looks like when you’re […]

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Voiding a partially applied Payables transaction in Dynamics GP

Periodically I get calls or see questions online about how to void a partially applied Payables transaction in Dynamics GP. This is one area where the Payables module differs drastically from the Receivables module and you have to jump through some hoops to actually accomplish this. The issue is that when you go to void […]

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Emailing SOP invoices in GP 2010 made easy with GP Reports Viewer

 Background / The Problem For many companies a long awaited new feature introduced with Dynamics GP 2010 was the ability to email SOP (Sales Order Processing) invoices directly from GP. Many of our customers have started to offer emailing of invoices to their customers and are seeing an increased number of requests for emailed invoices. However, […]

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SQL view for SOP email setup in GP 2010

I am starting to work with emailing SOP documents using Dynamics GP 2010 and new functionality that we are going to be releasing in an upcoming build of GP Reports Viewer. It’s pretty cool stuff, however, as I am working with customers to set this up, we’re finding that out-of-the box GP does not have any […]

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Change GP fiscal period names using SQL Server

Every time I create a new fiscal year in Dynamics GP or show customers how to do it, I get a little frustrated that I have to manually rename all the periods. Some users may not care that instead of January GP displays Period 1, but I don’t think that is very user friendly. So, for more years […]

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Dynamics GP 2010 implementation book coming soon

My book, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation, is off to the publishing house and should be ready to ship soon.  While the primary goal of the book is to help with new implementations of GP in small to mid-size companies, there’s something in it for everyone. Just to highlight part of the content, this book has step-by-step […]

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Dynamics GP build numbers and service packs

I have posted a number of different resources in the past for finding Dynamics GP service pack levels based on build numbers, however, I wanted to put together something where you can check the major service pack builds for the main GP components all in one place. I have also added some helpful links below each version. […]

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Support Debugging Tool new build released

Developed by David Musgrave, known to the entire GP community as the king of all things Dexterity, the Support Debugging Tool for Dynamics GP has been around for quite a while, but I have only recently started to see the benefits of it and I wanted to share one cool feature in some detail. One of […]

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SQL view with security and SmartList details in GP

Robert Cavill from Emeco in Australia has sent me an amazing update to my Security Roles and Tasks in Dynamics GP SQL script that includes SmartList objects. This script was originally written for GP 10.0 and GP 2010, but will also work with GP 2013 and GP 2015. To get the most out of this script […]

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GP 2010 Cookbook

Dynamics GP MVP Mark Polino has been an amazing contribution to the entire Dynamics GP community for many years now with his blog, advice on forums and fabulous presentations, like 50 Tips in 50 Minutes and  50 More Tips in 50 Minutes. Now we’ll be able to get even more of Mark’s great advice in his upcoming […]

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It’s here!

GP 2010 is now available for download on both CustomerSource and PartnerSource. According to the poll I have had on this blog for about two months, almost 60% of those who responded have plans to upgrade to GP 2010 and another 5% are already on it. 11% chose “What’s GP 2010?” – not sure if they’re joking, stumbled upon my blog […]

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When will you be upgrading to Dynamics GP 2010?

There are only 23 votes so far, but as of now the leading answer is a plan to upgrade to GP 2010 by the end of the year: And a special shout out to the person who took me up on my joke and answered ‘What’s GP 2010?’! If you are looking at GP 2010, […]

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Dynamics GP polls

I had a poll on the sidebar of this blog for about a year asking what version of Dynamics GP my visitors were using. Here are the results: I admit to being a little surprised by this, I thought that GP 9.0 would be much closer to GP 10.0, not less than half.  And a total of 14% […]

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Dynamics GP Trial Balance in Excel using FRx

While I work with SQL and Crystal Reports every day, there are some reports that are just easier created elsewhere. One example is a GL Trial Balance that you want to export to Excel. There are many ways of handling this requirement, I like using FRx for it.  Below are steps by step instructions on how to […]

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SQL view with security resource details for Dynamics GP

As a corollary to my view showing the Dynamics GP security roles and tasks assigned to users, I have created another view that adds the security resource details. Thank you very much to Tim Foster for pointing me to a newsgroup post by David Musgrave detailing how to populate the SY09400 table in SQL which holds […]

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SQL view to show security roles and tasks in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP 10.0 has brought about a drastic change in GP security. Not only is the security pessimistic now, so by default no permissions are granted, but setting up and administering security is quite different from what many of us are used to after working with previous versions of GP for many years. And, of course, reporting on […]

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Using credit cards to pay vendors in Dynamics GP

There are a number of different ways to record paying vendors with credit cards in GP.  This is a topic that comes up periodically in newsgroups and I would like to share what I have personally found to be the most straightforward and comprehensive way.  This is a long one but at least there will be […]

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Payables Return transactions in Dynamics GP

There is a little known, but very useful transaction type in the Payables module called Return.  Every few weeks or so I see a question in the newsgroups or a call comes in from a customer where the answer is to use the Payables Return transaction.  A typical scenario where a Return is needed goes something […]

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