Support Debugging Tool new build released

Developed by David Musgrave, known to the entire GP community as the king of all things Dexterity, the Support Debugging Tool for Dynamics GP has been around for quite a while, but I have only recently started to see the benefits of it and I wanted to share one cool feature in some detail.

One of the readers of this blog asked for my help in finding the table that stored the serial numbers of on hand inventory. I looked at my page listing inventory tables and didn’t find the table that was needed. I knew the Serial Number Inquiry window in GP shows the serial numbers on hand, but I was not sure what tables this window referenced. So here is what I did:

  • I installed the Support Debugging Tool for GP 2010, which took about 2 seconds (!) and started up GP 2010.
  • Once in GP 2010, clicking Ctrl+D brings up the Support Debugging Tool. I am a huge fan of using the keyboard as much as I can, so this is great.
  • I clicked on Options > Resource Information:
  • I typed in Serial Number Inquiry into the Display Name field and clicked the Lookup button:

I could have also used the Lookup button and navigated to the window in the menu, but I happened to have the exact name, so that was faster.

  • This brought up the technical information about this window and enabled the Associated Tables button:
  • Clicking Associated Tables I saw that this window uses five tables and the one I was looking for was Item Serial Number Master, IV00200:
  • I promptly updated my Inventory Tables page.

The entire exercise above took just a few minutes. And this is just a small taste of what the Support Debugging Tool can do. A new build of the Support Debugging Tool has just been released with even more features, you can read all about it on the Developing for Dynamics GP blog.


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