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Dynamics GP build numbers and service packs

I have posted a number of different resources in the past for finding Dynamics GP service pack levels based on build numbers, however, I wanted to put together something where you can check the major service pack builds for the main GP components all in one place. I have also added some helpful links below each version. […]

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SQL view with security and SmartList details in GP

Robert Cavill from Emeco in Australia has sent me an amazing update to my Security Roles and Tasks in Dynamics GP SQL script that includes SmartList objects. This script was originally written for GP 10.0 and GP 2010, but will also work with GP 2013 and GP 2015. To get the most out of this script […]

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Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10

Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10.0 has been released. There is quite a long list of fixes, you can see them all in the Service Pack 4 Installation Guide. Starting with GP 10.0 any service pack or hotfix now requires an update of modified forms and reports using GP Utilities. Detailed steps for doing this […]

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Dynamics GP Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 compatibility announced

Just as the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are released, Microsoft announces that Dynamics GP 10.0 is already compatible with them. No service pack required. While my memory is not what it used to be, I do not recall any other new operating system that an existing version of GP was immediately compatible with. We have had […]

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SQL view with security resource details for Dynamics GP

As a corollary to my view showing the Dynamics GP security roles and tasks assigned to users, I have created another view that adds the security resource details. Thank you very much to Tim Foster for pointing me to a newsgroup post by David Musgrave detailing how to populate the SY09400 table in SQL which holds […]

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SQL view to show security roles and tasks in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP 10.0 has brought about a drastic change in GP security. Not only is the security pessimistic now, so by default no permissions are granted, but setting up and administering security is quite different from what many of us are used to after working with previous versions of GP for many years. And, of course, reporting on […]

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Service Pack 3 for Dynamics GP 10.0

Service Pack 3 for Dynamics GP 10.0 has just been released.  This service pack is cumulative – it includes all fixes and enhancements that were included in all previous service packs, hotfixes, and compliance updates. It does not include US Payroll tax tables. I have updated my post that details all the GP service pack versions to include […]

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Granting access to a new SmartList in Dynamics GP

We have been seeing a lot of questions on granting access to new SmartList Builder SmartLists. Because this is so different from older versions of Dynamics GP, we’ve created a really detailed list to go through it. This may be overkill for some, but it will hopefully cover every needed scenario. (Update: These instructions will work for […]

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When does my GP product’s support end?

Here is a list I refer to all the time when I need to find out when a GP version came out and when support will end: Product Version Product Release/Start Mainstream Support End Extended Support End Additional information GP 6.0 03/31/2004 n/a n/a GP 7.0 03/31/2005 n/a n/a GP 7.5 07/01/2003 01/09/2007 n/a Link GP […]

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What Service Pack am I on?

Something I find very useful is to have a chart of all the various service packs and versions so that I can quickly determine what build numbers really mean and where to find them inside GP. Click here for a PDF with the GP 10.0 service pack versions.   And below are charts for GP […]

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