Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10

Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10.0 has been released. There is quite a long list of fixes, you can see them all in the Service Pack 4 Installation Guide.

Starting with GP 10.0 any service pack or hotfix now requires an update of modified forms and reports using GP Utilities. Detailed steps for doing this are in the Service Pack 4 Installation Guide or on this CustomerSource page.

Service Pack 4 brings us up to build 10.00.1368 for GP 10.0. For a complete list of the GP 10.0 versions, Microsoft has published this very handy Excel file, however as of today it has not yet been updated with SP 4 information. So I have put together a list of GP 10.0 service pack versions for the most common products.

For additional Dynamics GP downloads and other resources, please visit my Resources page.

16 Responses to “Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10”

  1. Hello,

    I have downloaded and installed Integration Manager service pack 5 but nothing seems to have changed.
    My issuse is that I need to import FIXED ASSETS into GP10 and I cannot see the necessary adapters.

    I was asked to install the latest IM service pack which I did.

    Any idea what I may doing doing wrong and how could I see the necessary adapters to import fixed assets into GP10 using Integration Manager?




    • Jay,

      I believe Fixed Assets requires the eConnect adapters in IM. If you do not have those installed, you will not see the choices, no matter what service pack you’re on. I personally much prefer to import fixed assets using the Fixed Assets import functionality within GP.



  2. Hi Victoria,
    How can i get the PDK version info like you have mention the list of modules in “list of GP 10.0 service pack versions” even i looked at “” there is no info for PDK.
    Am i missing something.


  3. Victoria,

    I just downloaded the SP4 from Customer Source, just to verify if this is the right one


    Any issues upgrading to SP4 using this.

    Thanks a bunch



  4. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for this valuable informations. You are always in the 1st place of sharing knoledgment and experiences.

    thanks alot.

    yassir Humaid
    IT Specialist
    MCA company


  5. Very useful list, Victoria.


  6. Hi Victoria,

    That’s a good amount of information for the readers. I’ve updated my blogpost with this link


    • Hi Janakiram,

      Thank you! I just added you to my blogroll. 🙂



      • Hi Victoria,

        I have installed the SP 5 for GP 10 and am in process of upgrade to GP 2010. It apears that for some reason Fixed Assetts, Collection Mgmt and Electronic Reconcile products don’t get upgraded to the SP 5 level. This is causing problems upgrading to 2010. Any ideas? Du000020 table showing FA version 10.0.893 where SP 5 should bring FA to a higher build.


        • Hamid,

          Once in a while, for various reasons, service packs do not complete correctly or fully. You can re-run the service pack to make sure that all the modules update, then do the GP 2010 upgrade. 10.0.893 is a pretty old FA build (SP 1), you didn’t mention what your original SP level was, but if it was higher than SP1, there might have been a pre-existing issue. For specific help with this, or if you re-run the SP and it’s still not updating everything, I would recommend talking to your GP partner or GP support.




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