System/Setup SQL Code

Dynamics GP System and Setup SQL Code

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  1. Hello Victoria,
    I found a set up that is causing us issues in running EOne SmartConnects AP mapping.

    What does checking/unchecking the box marked “Enter Corresponding Company ID” really do. It is on the Dynamics GP Intercompany Set Up screen.

    The documentation is extremely helpful:

    “Mark the Enter Corresponding Company ID option if you enter Corresponding Company IDs when you enter intercompany transactions.”



    • Hi Dan,

      LOL on the documentation! 🙂 Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what that checkbox does, I’ve never had the occasion to find out. However, I can tell you that I always leave that unchecked in all my installations and have never seen that cause a problem for any of our customers. We are also using Intercompany extensively internally and we have that unchecked.

      Is the problem you are running into caused by having this checked or unchecked?



      • You got that correct, our problem is that may years ago our partner suggested we check that box.

        The question is what sort of mischief will arise if we go ahead and turn it off?



        • Hi Dan,

          Unfortunately, no way to tell without a bunch of testing, which I would always recommend for this kind of change. But, like I said, none of our customers have the checked and everything has been fine.



  2. Victoria-

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but we are debating using the organizational structure to segregate entities in a single database. Primarily we want to eliminate a huge amount of intercompany entries, but I am wondering if there is any actual reporting you can leverage using the organizational setup? It seems the org struct centers more around access, control, and visibility rather than any real reporting capabilities?


  3. HI Victoria,

    my company is opening up a branch in the UK, is it a good idea to have uk setup as a site in GP or have a separate company all together and how would multicurrency become easy for Finance as well as for IT


    • Farman,

      There is no short or easy answer to this, as it will depend on a great many variables and your specific situation. There are some cases where it is clearly needed to set up a separate company, here is a quote from my book on implementing GP:

      There are situations when separate companies are clearly recommended in Dynamics GP:

      • If accounting records must be kept in different functional currencies to conform to local requirements
      • When using Dynamics GP Payroll and there are different Federal ID Numbers
      • If there are entities that have different fiscal periods
      • Some types of businesses require separate accounting books to be kept to comply with various federal and state regulations
      • There is additional discussion in the book on this subject, but often it is best to get together with your GP Partner to discuss your specific needs so they can recommend the best solution for you.



  4. Nishcalen Chinappa Reply December 21, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Victoria, sorry to bug again. this script does not return all active users. What i need is a script to return all enabled users in GP


  5. Nishcalen Chinappa Reply December 21, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Thank you so much for all your help


  6. Nishcalen Chinappa Reply November 24, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Hi Victoria,

    I want to ask a silly question. I need to run a script in SQL that will return all active users in Dynamics GP 2010. Please assist me,



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