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Yearly Fixed Assets depreciation totals in Dynamics GP

Around this time of year we get a lot of questions about closing the year for the Dynamics GP Fixed Assets module, since you cannot run January depreciation until you close the prior year. And right after we start getting requests for reports of prior year depreciation. Here is a view that shows year to date, last year […]

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SQL view for asset account numbers in Dynamics GP

Want to see all the account numbers set up for all your Fixed Assets? You can do this in SmartList, but SmartList is sometimes limiting when you want to do complex searches. Here is a view that will return all the account numbers assigned for each asset in Dynamics GP. ~~~~~ CREATE VIEW view_Asset_Accounts AS /******************************************************************* view_Asset_Accounts […]

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SQL view for Fixed Assets depreciation in Dynamics GP

Below is a view I have put together to get the monthly Fixed Assets depreciation amounts in Dynamics GP. For more detail on the Fixed Assets module, please visit my Fixed Assets Tables page. If you’re looking for more SQL code, you can find it on my GP Reports page. ~~~~~ CREATE VIEW view_FA_Depreciation AS /******************************************************************* view_FA_Depreciation Created on […]

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Dynamics GP Fixed Assets table information

I have posted up a new page with Dynamics GP Fixed Assets table information.  This is part of my ongoing library of Dynamics GP reporting information.  A directory of all the information I’ve posted up so far is on the main GP Reports page.

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Year end close in Dynamics GP

Every year we get a slew of phone calls about closing the year in GP. Usually these start in December and I  thought I would beat the rush this year. Here are some resources and notes I have compiled over the years on the year end close. I will add to this post as I find more […]

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