Spring cleaning

It’s been a long time coming. I have changed this blog around a bit in an attempt to freshen up the look and organize things better.  Of course in the short term that means it may be difficult to find things, so if you’re looking for something that was here and cannot find it, please let me know. Nothing has been removed, but many things have been moved. 

One cool new feature is that the topmost menu bar has drop down menus, so if you click on GP Tables, you’ll see a list of the available pages with table information:

The bottom navigation bar will list the most popular categories and subsections within them.  In the next few weeks I will be going through all the content and categorizing it better for easier searching and navigation.

5 Responses to “Spring cleaning”

  1. Cool new look!


  2. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for the quick response – No problem, I can still find what I need using the alternatives, that’s the main thing.

    Regards, Lindsay


  3. Hi Victoria,

    As a newcomer to Dynamics GP, I have found your site an invaluable source of information – the spring clean has made it even better.

    One question though; when I drop down the the top layer of menu items, it has transparency, unike your screenshot, & so the second level shows through, making the first difficult to read.

    If it helps, I’m using IE7 (company policy…)

    Best Regards, Lindsay


    • Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for your feedback. I had not done much testing with IE 7, as I have pretty much switched to IE 8 on all my machines. I just tested with IE 7 compatibility mode and I not only see what you’re describing, but it also looks like that top menu navigation does not work at all with IE 7, you can see the options, but not actually select them. Unfortunately I don’t have much control of this, as I am using a ‘stock’ theme, however, I will definitely send that in as feedback to see if it can be addressed. In the meantime, 2 things that might help: if you click on the main heading, like ‘GP Tables’ you will have a list of all the same menu options there. And all the pages from the top menu are also listed on the Pages menu right underneath the tag cloud. I tried to make it so that these pages can be found just about any way you look for them. Hope that helps and thanks again.




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