It’s here!

GP 2010 is now available for download on both CustomerSource and PartnerSource. According to the poll I have had on this blog for about two months, almost 60% of those who responded have plans to upgrade to GP 2010 and another 5% are already on it. 11% chose “What’s GP 2010?” – not sure if they’re joking, stumbled upon my blog by accident, or if the Microsoft marketing is not working.  Here are the current results:

The links for downloading GP 2010 are below (please note that these will require a login):

Some additional links that may be useful (these will also require a login):

All of the links above are on my Resources page along with links for other GP versions and related products. I will also be updating the following posts with GP 2010 information as it becomes available:

8 Responses to “It’s here!”

  1. Hi Victoria,

    We are a potentially new client for GP playing around with a demo version. My question is where are the values stored that make up the drop down boxes for LIST type fields in Extender?

    I’m not looking for the values stored that have already been selected into the Extender forms, but rather the List of Values that makes up the drop down box (those that are typed into the list when creating the list field itself).

    Thank you in advance if you can help.


    • Hi Don,

      That’s a pretty advanced question for someone playing around with the demo! 🙂 The values for Extender lists are stored in the EXT40102 table.



      • Victoria,

        I looked there and it’s empty. The Extender window is a DETAIL WINDOW and it has three “list type” fields. I’ve been able to hook together all the EXT tables, even with the wild linking of the NUMBER column to represent a pointer to the actual stored/selected values in the drop down.

        But I still can’t find the master list of values to pick from. I’m wanting to do a mass insert into this table rather than typing in all the values I need for my demo.

        Any other ideas?


        • Victoria,

          I found them in EXT40152. I put a value in the list of “LOOKING_FOR_MR_DROPDOWN” and then wrote a SQL query to query every non binary column of every table in the db looking for a value like ‘%MR_DROP%’ and I found them in EXT40152.



          • Don,

            Glad you found it, thanks for letting me know where it was! That table is not in every version of Extender, the table I listed is where the list values were for the last report I did, which was probably on GP 9.0 now that I think about it.



  2. I’m keen to find out what people think about the new email functionality


  3. cool!
    let’s try it on!


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