Dynamics GP Integration Manager versions

With the help of the wonderful Microsoft support engineers I have been able to get a list of most of the Service Pack versions for Integration Manager 7.5 through 11 (for GP 2010):

SP  /  IM IM 7.5 IM 8.0 IM 9.0 IM 10.0 IM 11
(GP 2010)
IM 12
(GP 2013)
RTM 7.05.0129 10.00.0836  11.00.1269  12.00.1307
SP 1 ? 10.00.0932  11.00.1532  12.00.1421
SP 2 no SP 2 10.00.1072  11.00.1767
SP 2 hotfix n/a n/a n/a 10.00.1134
SP 3 10.00.1221  11.00.2055
SP 3 hotfix n/a n/a n/a 10.00.1305
SP 4 ? 10.00.1378
SP 4 hotfix n/a n/a n/a 10.00.1384
SP 5  10.00.1592
SP 5 hotfix n/a n/a n/a 10.00.1617
SP 6 ?

As you can see, there are a few missing versions for Integration Manager 7.5, so if anyone has those, please let me me know and I will update the list.  If you’re looking for other GP, FRx or SQL versions and lists, please check out the Resources page.

20 Responses to “Dynamics GP Integration Manager versions”

  1. Hi All, I installed Integration Manager from MDGP2010_DVD_withServicePack4_ENUS and I ended up with IM version This version does not seem to be available as an independent download. Just wanted to share in case this helps someone.


  2. Do you have updates on IM 11 version numbers? IM SP3 puts you at version 11.00.2055, but my customer that is having issues (upgraded months ago) has 11.00.2059. Not a misprint – her version is higher than the latest SP. I’m trying to find if the install from the release of GP2010 w/FP1 has that specific version of IM as they are getting errors now that the SP is supposed to fix. But I’m sure it won’t let me install an older version number. Very confused! Any guidance is appreciated!!!


    • Sorry Althea,

      I don’t see anything available past 11.00.2055 unless what gets installed with SP 3 is actually a different number than what is published, which I have not had a chance to test yet. You may need to talk to Microsoft about this to see if they can help with additional information.



  3. Do you know how I get the new destination for payroll manual checks for the EFIC amount field? I have this:
    v 11.00.1677 but destinations say do I have to reinstall?


    • Hi Brynne,

      You mean in IM, when you look at the versions under Help > About..? I don’t think the individual destinations show the versions anymore. I remember that being the case a few versions back, but I am looking at my IM and my version is 11.00.1269, but the destinations also say I just checked another computer where I have IM 10.0 and it’s the same way…the individual destinations only show, while the version itself is totally different.



  4. Hi Victoria …

    Is there a trial version of the Integration Manager 10.0 available??? I have an application that generates orders that will need to be imported into GP Sales module. The customer currently doen’t have the IM but I need to set this up and test it for demonstration purposes.


    E Sherman


    • Hi Eric,

      Looks like you’ve already gotten an answer to this on Experts Exchange. Like Steve, I am not aware of a trial for Integration Manager. New sales of Dynamics GP offer a 240 ‘conversions’ license for Integration Manager, but it doesn’t sound like that is helpful in your case, as this is not a new sale. I would recommend talking to the customer’s GP Partner and/or Microsoft to see if they can offer any options for this specific situation. Without knowing all the details of the relationships and existing licensing, it’s really not possible to say anything else.



  5. Hi Victoria,

    Recently we upgraded to Integration Manager 10 from IM 8. We had scripts in many of the integrations. Now in IM10, we found that “Before Query” script of Source, does not execute at all while “Before Integration” works fine in same integration.

    Current Service pack installed is 10.00.0836. Can Service pack fix this? Can I get service pack fix list for IM10?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your time!!!



  6. My system shows 10.00.1305, what is that?

    After installing sp4, I show 10.00.1384.

    I think there’s some hot-fixes or something getting thrown into the mix here. Anyways, good info. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Chris Mast


    • Chris,

      I checked my saved files and the version of SP 4 that I have lists KB971973 in the file name. The SP 4 currently on the Microsoft website lists KB975714. So this is definitely updated, but still the same name. I wish they wouldn’t do this, as it gets very confusing. Thanks for pointing this out!



  7. Dear Victoria,

    I need more information for Service Pack versions for Integration Manager 7.5 and can you give me a link for a free download for this servic pack, because i have a problem with GP and i really need that immediately

    Thanks for your time and yaour help.




    • Rastuli,

      Since GP 7.5 is no longer supported, the service packs are no longer on Microsoft’s CustomerSource. If you have an MSDN subscription you may be able to find them there. Otherwise, you would need to talk to your GP Partner or GP Support to get old service packs.



  8. Victoria,

    Tnx for your response, I will be checking the Newsgrouop.
    I have already send the case to MS and they are dealing with it.
    It was a pleasure to meet you.




  9. Dear Victoria,

    My name is Patricio, from Argentina, I am having problems installing Integration manager in some computers. When replacing default IM.MDB with ours I m having some CBOMLIB issues. If you give me an email I can send screenshots.

    Hope you can help me with this!




    • Hi Patricio,

      I do not typically deal too much with installations and I not familiar with ‘CROMLIB’, so I am probably not the best person to help with this. The best place to get support for this is either in the Dynamics GP Newsgroups (free, but the people helping are mostly volunteers, so it’s up to them if/when to help) or your GP Partner / Microsoft GP Support (probably not free, depending on your support plan and agreement, but guaranteed to provide help specific to your issue).



  10. The RTM for IM 7.5 is 7.05.0129

    I just made a VPC of GP 7.5 sp 5 with IM 7.5 and before I applied any service packs to that I took a screenshot of the RTM level.

    I have a screen shot saved in OneNote if you want the image.




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