Crystal Reports service packs and versions

Here is a handy list for determining what version and service pack of Crystal Reports you are running:

CR 2013 2011 2008 XI R2 XI R1
SP 0
SP 1
SP 2  link
SP 3
SP 4
SP 5
SP 6
SP 7
SP 8
SP 9
SP 10
SP 11

I think this is the first time I have seen a product with Service Pack 0.  🙂  For some reason, this is pretty difficult information to find and I cannot seem to locate any information for older versions of Crystal Reports. If anyone would like to share, I will add it to the table.

For Crystal 2011, it seems to always say ‘RTM’ after the version number. For example, I just installed SP 6, and it says:

CR2011 SP6

So go by the build number, not what it says after.

Other helpful links and notes:

39 Responses to “Crystal Reports service packs and versions”

  1. Thank you Victoria. Maybe SAP will hire you to organize their website for Crystal Reports. Thanks.

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  2. I may just put you on my Christmas list, Victoria! Thanks so much for all your wonderfully helpful, nicely documented information!

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  3. CR 2008


    SP6 full build can be found at:


  4. The link for CR 2008 SP1 above is broken. I’ve searched for hours and can’t seem to find a good one. Any help please?


  5. Hello Victoria – I am trying to download SP 1 for Crystal Reports 2008 but the link seems to be broken. Please advise.

    Thank You,



    • Hi Jonathan,

      Sorry about that, happens quite often with these link, unfortunately. I would try one of the links at the bottom, under the chart. Hopefully you can get the download through one of them.



  6. Jeremy A. Cunningham Reply February 24, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Not sure if you expected this to keep helping people or not, but it has. I converted a server from VMware to Hyper-V, and our Crystal Reports app died. Using your handy link for XI R2 SP3 brought it back.



  7. Hi,
    Can you please tell me which version of Crystal report support sql server 2008 R2.
    I am working on CR XI R2 SP2 and it gives login failed error.



  8. Thanks yery much for this Victoria – it is ace to have the information so easily available. Shows up SAP I reckon…


  9. Christian Müller Reply June 14, 2011 at 4:42 am

    There is a SP 4 for CR2008
    Version is


  10. Thank you


  11. HI there. Very useful blog site to get SP information for Crystal Reports… I was just wondering if you have a link to where I could get the supported platforms list for each service pack (especially for Crystal Reports Server).

    Hope you could help.



  12. I’m running the dreaded Crystal Designer XI Release 2 with Service Pack 6 on a Windows 7 machine (which I guess the whole point of SP6). At least It doesn’t crash radomly any more, but it’s excrutiatingly slow to open or save/close the formula boxes in all areas of the application (literally 7-10 seconds). I’ve turned off all options to update the Crystal Repository and all my other option settings are just standard default stuff. Has anyone else experienced this slowness? I also have a copy of Crystal 2008 and it’s not slow like this at all. Any ideas?


  13. Many thanks Victoria and all. Have just installed CR XI R2 and have been messing about with Service Packs, and not getting anywhere until I found this chart. I see that the new software we bought just last week is which makes it SP2, and we’ve now got SP6 available.
    So a whole lot of downloading and installing to do methinks.


  14. Are you sure that the version number given for CR 2008 SP1 is correct? Everything I’ve seen gives it the number not 892. Is that a typo or was there a fixpack for it?


    • Christine,

      That’s the information I have from a previous installation. I will need to re-install CR 2008 with only SP 1 and see what the results are. I will post an update here once I am able to confirm the version number.



    • Hi Christine,

      I just did a fresh install of Crystal 2008 and after installing SP 1, the version was Not sure why yours is different…I did not see any incremental patches on the list of downloads.



  15. May be a bit old for you, but I still need to use Crystal Reports 10 (don’t ask).

    SP6 is


  16. Just an addition to your chart. I just installed Crystal Reports 2008 and patched it to SP2. The version number now says


    • David,

      Thank you very much for the info, I will add it into the chart.



    • I think SP2 for Crystal 2008 might be corrupted. Message is:
      “Extracting package\CrystalReports.msp
      CRC failed in package\CrystalReports.msp
      Unexpected end of archive”

      I have tried to download and extract it several times but with no success. Unfortunately you have to install SP2 before you can install SP3 (so the SP3 install program tells me anyway). Hope you can help. Thanks.


      • Judith,

        Have you tried the SP 4 download instead? I just downloaded it, but have not installed yet, however plan to do so in the next few days. Another thing to try is to log into Windows as the local built-in administrator. I have seen various errors in the past when trying to install as other Windows users, even as a local admin.



  17. I have this Crystal product version:

    I don’t see it on your list, but should I apply CR XI R2 SP2?


    • Evelyn,

      In my experience, the only reason not to apply a service pack or new release is if you are sharing reports with others who are on an earlier version/service pack. If that’s not the case, there are usually many new features and fixes that make upgrading or service packing worthwhile.



    • Generally, if your Crystal product version isn’t on the list it is because you are using the Business Objects Enterprise version of Crystal reports and will need to use the Business Objects enterprise service pack to upgrade.

      I found out that you cannot update a Business Objects enterprise Crystal version with a Crystal Reports service pack the hard way.

      Your version, however, is for Crystal XI Full and you may need to get Release 1 first and then Release 2. I haven’t read up on the upgrade path from plain XI.

      Here’s the list I’ve compiled from several sources:

      CR XI Full =

      CR XIR1 Original
      CR XIR1 + SP 3
      CR XIR1 + SP 4

      CR XIR2 Original
      CR XIR2 + SP 1
      CR XIR2 + SP 2
      CR XIR2 + SP 3
      CR XIR2 + SP 4
      CR XIR2 + SP 5

      CR 2008 Original
      CR 2008 + SP0
      CR 2008 SP0 + FP1
      CR 2008 SP0 + FP2

      CR 2008 + SP1
      CR 2008 SP1 + Fix Pack 1.1
      CR 2008 SP1 + Fix Pack 1.2

      BO XIR2 RTM =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 + CHF13 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 + CHF14 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 + CHF15 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 + CHF16 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 + CHF17 =
      BO XIR2 + SP1 + MHF1 + CHF20 =

      BO XIR2 + SP2 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.1 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.2 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.3 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.4 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.5 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.6 =
      BO XIR2 SP2 + FP2.7 =

      BO XIR2 SP3 =
      BO XIR2 SP3 + FP3.1 =
      BO XIR2 SP3 + FP3.2 =

      BO XIR2 SP4 =

      BO XIR2 SP5 =

      BO XI 3.0 =

      BO XI 3.1 =


  18. Here is the link to download CR XI R2 SP2

    CR XI R2 does not require a separate purchase. If you have CR XI, you can download this R2 service pack and use the original keys.



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