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SQL view for rolling 12 months of sales by item by site in Dynamics GP

By popular request I have created a variation on my rolling 12 months of sales by item to show a rolling 12 months of sales by item and site ID in Dynamics GP. This view will return the last 12 months, not including the current month. So if you’re running this today – April 20, […]

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Did you know you can change Void dates on Payables transactions?

I often surprise people by telling them to change the void dates when they void Payables transactions in Dynamics GP. If you’re voiding something that was just entered, leaving the defaulted dates is usually fine. However, when you are voiding an old check because you’re going to re-issue it, you typically want to void using the same date as the […]

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SQL code to show top X percent of vendor data

I had an interesting request the other day – how do you show the top 10 (or 20) percent of vendor payments (or invoices) for a particular date range? This is something that has to be done in a several steps – first you have to get your data, then summarize of it, then calculate the top […]

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