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Coding for specific dates in Crystal Reports

Below is an old tip from one of the GP Reports Viewer monthly newsletters. In the past few months I have had to look this up several times, because I just cannot seem to remember the syntax, so I thought I would put it on my blog, where it will be easier for to find […]

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Renaming tables in Crystal Reports

From the May 2010 GP Reports Viewer newsletter comes a tip for renaming the tables (or views or stored procedures) on Crystal Reports. Some may ask why this in needed – I actually use this quite a bit in the following scenario. I often find that I am using one report as a template for another […]

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Checkboxes in Crystal Reports

This Crystal Reports tip comes from the January edition of our GP Reports Viewer Newsletter. There are often times when a report is printed so that someone can go down the list and verify items or see where information may be missing. While it was a little more timely in January, at the time of the newsletter, confirming […]

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Selective highlighting in Crystal Reports

The Crystal Reports tip from Flexible Solutions GP Reports November newsletter shows how to selectively highlight values in a list without having to write a formula.  Let’s say you have a customer list with balances: Now what if you wanted to make all customers with balances of $50,000 or higher more visible?  Here are the steps to […]

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Running Totals in Crystal Reports

Here is a tip from the Flexible Solutions GP Reports October newsletter on how to create a running total in Crystal Reports.  Running totals are a great way to show totals that have a different calculation than a subtotal without having to write additional formulas.  Let’s look at an example: You have a list of unapplied […]

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How to get next Monday’s date in Crystal Reports

From the Flexible Solutions’ GP Reports July 2009 Newsletter, here is a great new tip: how to calculate next Monday’s date in Crystal Reports. This comes up periodically when someone wants to have weekly columns on a report showing totals of something like sales, expenses or invoices due. So if you have a report parameter called […]

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Suppressing blank lines in Crystal Reports

Here is a Crystal Reports tip from the GP Reports Viewer newsletters that can help when you are working with addresses that are stored in multiple fields. Dynamics GP (and probably many other systems) stores address components in separate fields, so if we look at a customer address window there are many individual fields that make […]

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Dynamically change decimal places in Crystal Reports

The May 2009 Flexible Solutions GP Reports Newsletter brings us a tip for dynamically changing decimal places in Crystal Reports. This can be really useful for creating Sales Order Processing (SOP) reports for Dynamics GP, where GP stores the number of decimal places for each line item in the SOP10200 and SOP30300 tables. Here are the […]

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Adding watermarks to Crystal Reports

Here is the latest tip from the Flexible Solutions GP Reports Newsletter: how to add a watermark to your Crystal Reports.  I am going to demonstrate with an example. I have created a statement report, but it’s a little bland, especially when there are only a few lines of data to show:   First step is to […]

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Alternating shading for lines in Crystal Reports

Here is a new Crystal Reports tip from the GP Reports Viewer newsletter collection. I have added an example with some screenshots to better illustrate. Want to spruce up your Crystal report a little by adding alternate color shading to the lines? Here is how. (Click on the screenshots to see them clearer.) As an example, let’s start with […]

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How to get a definition of your Crystal Report

Here is the latest Crystal Reports tip from the Flexible Solutions GP Reports Newsletter: Ever try to delete a parameter from a Crystal Report and get a pop-up message saying the field is in use on the report and then discover that you can’t find where it is actually used?  Or need to be able […]

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