How to get a definition of your Crystal Report

Here is the latest Crystal Reports tip from the Flexible Solutions GP Reports Newsletter:

i found you!Ever try to delete a parameter from a Crystal Report and get a pop-up message saying the field is in use on the report and then discover that you can’t find where it is actually used?  Or need to be able to document your Crystal Reports for others on your team?  Here is a quick and easy way to get a detailed report definition:

  • With the report open, go to File > Export > Export Report
  • Choose Report Definition (TXT) under Format
  • Choose Disk File under Destination
  • Click OK and choose where to save the file

Now you have a text file with all the sections and fields on your Crystal Report.

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2 Responses to “How to get a definition of your Crystal Report”

  1. This tip works on most of my reports, but on many, I get
    ‘Failed to export report’.

    I really need to review the overall Report Definition (TXT). Do you have any idea what would cause failure?

    Thank you,


    • Rebecca,

      I have used this technique with Crystal XI and 2008 and have not received any errors. What version of Crystal are you using? What is different about the reports that you’re getting the errors on from the ones where the export is working?



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