Running Totals in Crystal Reports

Here is a tip from the Flexible Solutions GP Reports October newsletter on how to create a running total in Crystal Reports. 

Running totals are a great way to show totals that have a different calculation than a subtotal without having to write additional formulas. 

Let’s look at an example: You have a list of unapplied vendor transactions grouped and subtotaled by vendor class. Below is an example of what this report looks like right now:



For each vendor class you already have a total due, but you also want to show the total credit limit so that you can compare the totals for each class. The credit limit is stored at the vendor level and because your report has more than one transaction per vendor, you cannot simply subtotal the credit limits for all the detail lines. Here are the steps to create a running total for the credit limit by vendor class:

  1. Add the Credit Limit field somewhere in your detail section
  2. Right click on the Credit Limit field and choose Insert > Running Total:
  3. Choose a name for the Running Total
  4. Change the Evaluate setting to ‘On change of field’ and enter the vendor ID field (in this case PM00200.VENDORID)
  5. Change the Reset setting to ‘On change of group’ and choose the vendor class group (Group #1: PM00200.VNDCLSID in this case):
  6. Click OK to close the Create Running Total Field window
  7. Go to Report > Record Sort Expert  and make sure that your details are sorted by the vendor class group, then by Vendor ID:
  8. Click OK to close the Record Sort Expert window
  9. Optionally, hide the Credit Limit field on the detail section by right clicking on it, choosing Format Field and checking Suppress on the Common tab:

Your report now has the credit limit totals per vendor class:


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11 Responses to “Running Totals in Crystal Reports”

  1. Victoria:

    Thanks for the great info> We are a bit stuck. We have been using Crystal to provide a more “designed” SOP order and invoice report since GP8. We now have gp2010 and are using the latest crystal 11 for 2010. We have created some kits that when we send the sales order to the crystal printer, the kit components are printed below the “kit item”. So, if we sell a kit that has 15 items in it, my order acknowlegment report gives me the item with its price then the 15 items in the kit print on the report, unpriced like a kit should be. We were hoping to only provide the itme number line without the kit components printing on customer facing materials.

    In the GP form, e.g the “long form”, unless i check “Print kit components” only the kit item shows up on the long form Sales order report – 1 line item with the price.

    Is there a specific table or item field that we need to reference in Crystal to emulate the kit behavior in the GP report instead of the current description (we reference SOP10200.ITEMNMBR as well as ITEMDESC strings in the report) and non kit items print to the report exactly as planned.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Great stuff.. Victoria.


  3. Great instructions. Thanks.


  4. I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job! – go to my favorites!!!


  5. Great Stuff Victoria! Thanks.



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