FRx Service Packs

Here is another handy list with all the service pack build versions for FRx 6.5 and 6.7. You will need to have access to either PartnerSource or CustomerSource to be able to get to all the links below.

FRx FRx 6.7 Available for GP FRx 6.5
RTM 6.7.141    
SP 1 6.7.1013 08/30/2004 6.5.38
SP 2 6.7.2013 11/01/2004 6.5.51
SP 3  6.7.3073 03/04/2005 6.5.84
SP 4 6.7.4031 06/16/2005 6.5.152
SP 5 6.7.5014 11/08/2005 6.5.184
SP 6 6.7.6062 02/02/2006 6.5.199
SP 7 6.7.7032 06/09/2006 6.5.246
SP 8 6.7.8069 10/19/2006
SP 9 6.7.9111 03/19/2007
SP 10 6.7.10343 03/28/2008
SP 11 6.7.11027 11/09/2009
SP 12 6.7.12008 03/31/2011

Some additional notes on FRx 6.7 Service Packs:

  • Windows Vista compatibility was added with SP 9.
  • Ability to export to files with a space in the file path or name was fixed in SP 10.
  • Windows 7 compatibility was added with SP 11.
  • Prior to installing SP 10, SP 11 or SP 12 you will need to install SP 9. 


Updated on Nov. 20, 2009 to add version and link for SP 11 of FRx 6.7.

Updated on Dec. 18, 2009 to change version for SP 11 of FRx 6.7 to 6.7.11027 (from 6.7.11025). Originally version 6.7.11025 was posted for download, but a problem was discovered and a new build 6.7.11027 was released. If you are using build 6.7.11025, it is recommended that you update to 6.7.11027.

Updated on Apr. 7, 2011 to add service pack 12 for FRx 6.7.


12 Responses to “FRx Service Packs”

  1. Do you know if Frx 6.7 sp 11 works with Dynamics GP version 9? We have Office 2010 and Frx 6.7.6062 but heard that sp11 works best with 2010 but we are only on version 9 of GP.


  2. Hi Victoria,

    do you happen to know what is the supported FRx service pack version that can run with GP2010?



    • Hi Jeff,

      I am not sure if I ever saw a list of what SP is supported with GP 2010. I would recommend FRx 6.7 SP 11 to be safe, since that was out well before GP 2010 was released.



  3. hi Victoria,

    Have some doubts, is Frx 6.7 sp 9 will work with GP 9 (sp2) ? – Because we are facing some problem frx with windows 7!

    – Biju


    • Biju,

      I believe that SP 9 of FRx 6.7 will be fine with GP 9.0 SP 2. I have not been able to find any definitive documentation on this, but I am pretty certain that we had that configuration working in our production environment for a while with no issues. If you need to know for certain, you may need to ask GP Support to confirm this for you.



  4. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I will advise the client who had the question.



  5. Hi Victoria,

    We had a question at our bi-annual GP User Group meeting with regard to FRx viewer and FRx updates. I am having a hard time finding an answer for this.

    The question: Do Frx Viewers need upgraded on all workstations after the new service pack is installed on the server?



    • Hi Shirley,

      Yes, my recommendation would be that you are always on the same service pack level everywhere. If you are asking which should be done first, it’s common practice to upgrade the server first, so unless there is a good reason not to, that’s what I would do.



      • Victoria,

        Thanks for this useful information. He qualififed his question further today by asking if all the workstations had to be updated at one time, or if he could schedule them over a few days as he has time – he is ready to do the sp10 upgrade. One upgrade allowed him to do this (sp9), and then another earlier one (sp8 or earlier) did not. He is going to proceed as he has time and if anyone has an issue, he will change his schedule of updating workstations.




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