Windows 7 to be called … Windows 7

Looks like Microsoft decided on an official name for the next version of Windows, internally called ‘Windows 7’.  After names like XP and Vista, the new naming is pretty simple – Windows 7.  You can see a bit more background and reasoning in Mike Nash’s blog about it.  (Mike Nash is a Microsoft Corporate VP, Windows Product Management.)  According to Wikipedia this is the first time a code name has become the official name for a Windows product.

Of course what we all really want to know is what versions of GP will be supported on this new version and when.  I don’t have answers to this yet, and we probably won’t find out for quite a while.  However, since I have been told by Microsoft support that no testing will even be done with GP 9.0 and Vista SP 1, we can draw our own conclusions.

And in case anyone is wondering how the numbering came about (haven’t there been about 25 versions since Windows 3.1?) here is what I have found:

Win 95 / Win NT 4.0 – version 4
Win 98 – version 4.1
Win ME – version 4.9
Win 2000 – version 5
Win XP and Server 2003 – version 5.2
Win Vista and Server 2008 – version 6

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