Dynamics GP hosting – a great experience with RoseASP

I recently had a great experience that I would like to share. We have a client that was on a very old version of Dynamics GP (8.0), very old version of SQL (2000) a very, very old server (going on 10 years), and outsourced IT. Long story short, their server went down, they lost 2 out of the 3 drives in their RAID, and they decided they wanted to get hosted GP instead of getting another server internally.

This client had already been in communication with a GP hosting company (which I will refer to as Company X, to protect the guilty). The client forwarded me the information for Company X and I started talking to them. A week into it, I was still talking to Company X, had only just gotten pricing for a very simple hosting scenario, and was still waiting for partner and client agreements that were being ‘revamped’. All the while I was being talked to death with what sounded like scripts and a lot of my questions were still unanswered. Doesn’t sound like a great experience yet, does it?

I had a talk with the client to make sure they didn’t have their heart set on Company X and then reached out to RoseASP early Thursday morning. At this point the client was checking in with me almost hourly to get a status since they had been down for more than a week now. RoseASP is in California (PDT) and we are in EDT, so I was not expecting to hear back from them until mid-day our time. Imagine my surprise when I got an email back at 6am Pacific time and a call shortly after. All my questions were answered right away and I had pricing while on the phone. Within a few hours we had an agreement sent off to the client for approval. We had a slight delay at this point because the person that needed to sign the agreement was travelling and could only get it back to me late that night.

The client was live on hosted Dynamics GP the following day! There were a few small glitches, to be expected I think, but they were handled quickly and professionally. And even though this was a small deal with only 4 users, at no point in the process did I feel anything other than a valued partner for RoseASP.

The client has now been live on Dynamics GP 2015 and SQL 2014 for a week and everything is running smoothly. This was my first experience with hosted Dynamics GP and it was fabulous thanks to RoseASP. I just wish I thought to call them sooner.

7 Responses to “Dynamics GP hosting – a great experience with RoseASP”

  1. we are currently hosted with RoseASP as well. we have been with them for a few years now and it has been a great experience. They host our web server and a SQL server that runs our GP integrated E-Commerce solution.


  2. Hi Victoria,
    When you say hosting, are you hosting only SQL Server and the client is installed on the users’ PC? or full hosting (Server and Client are both hosted and users are connected via RDS/Citrix)?


  3. A nice rescue incident



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