Microsoft Dynamics Mayhem

February 2012 is Microsoft Dynamics Mayhem month over at Packt Publishing, the publishers of my Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation book. What does this mean for you? If you have been waiting to pick up a copy of any of the Dynamics books (this includes GP, CRM, AX, NAV and even Sure Step), this is the time to do it – they are all on sale through the end of February.

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  1. Victoria:
    When I found this site I gained hope that I might have found a place to discuss the task of upgrading our Dynamics GP9 to GP2010. Specifically I am interested in how others may have handled a similar situation. Our current environment is Dynamics GP9 on SQL Server 2005 SP4 on Windows 2003 SP2. Moving to a new [virtual] machine that has Windows 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2, GP2010 R2. We have a live company and an historical company plus the Dynamics system database.

    My initial approach was to create the new environment with a fresh install of Dynamics GP2010 including creating “skeleton” companies for our live and history databases. Using some instructions I found on Customer Source, I updated the [new] Dynamics database with the “old” version of the company databases [being careful to convert the company numbers to match what was in the new system database]; restored backups of the GP9 company databases, then used GP Utilities to facilitate the upgrade.

    My question concerns if this approach created underlying problems having to do with for example Noteindex values, Currency Index values, and the object structure version, etc. The approach was to avoid installing GP 9 on the new server because “uninstalling” Dynamics GP 2010 to start over repeatedly with GP9 proved to be a real problem.

    The thought is that since the historical company will not change, the system database and the historical database can be upgraded one time and left in the new production environment and we will be able to “repeatedly” upgrade the live company using new database restores as necessary through the upgrade testing.

    Can offer some thoughts and opinions on the “best” way to migrate from our old environment to the new one? Does your book address any of this? The GP specific guides are for a new install OR a straight upgrade; note indexes, etc. are never mentioned in any of the resources I have found.

    Thank you for any direction you can offer.


    • Hi Ellen,

      My book is really geared towards new implementations and setup, so it does not address upgrading. However, I have done a slew of upgrades from GP 9.0 to GP 2010 in the last year or so, so I have a very good feel for this.

      I would not recommend creating “sketelon” companies. Instead, install the GP 2010 application, restore your GP 9.0 backups in SQL (DYNAMICS and your 2 company databases) and have GP Utilities upgrade all the data. This would alleviate all the problems you saw with note indexes, currency indexes, etc.

      Hope that helps,



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