Microsoft Monday at Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing, the company that published my book, Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, is starting a Microsoft Monday campaign. In addition to releasing a slew of new Microsoft books, there are offering some great discounts and a weekly raffle – you can win a one year subscription to PacktLib, their online digital book library.

2 Responses to “Microsoft Monday at Packt Publishing”

  1. Victoria,

    I’m in the process of purchasing your book right now. A large percentage of my time is spent on implementations and I”m looking forward to learning from your experience to make this process better for us internally and for our customers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!




  1. Interesting Findings & Knowledge Sharing » Microsoft Monday at Packt Publishing - April 30, 2011

    […] Link: Microsoft Monday at Packt Publishing […]


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