Seven proven tips for effective user training

Planning training for your Microsoft Dynamics GP users? just published an article called “How Great Microsoft Dynamics GP Trainers Do It: Seven Proven Tips for Effective User Training”. This article is adapted from my new book, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Implementation, and is geared towards new GP implementations, although some of these concepts are true for just about any training situation.

4 Responses to “Seven proven tips for effective user training”

  1. Hey Victoria we have a limit amount GP seats but users keep disconnecting without existing the system can I set Great Plains to disconnect users at end of business day


  2. I wanted to see the article on their site but there’s no way to opt out of the surveys, etc from their site.. “By joining you agree to receive email updates from our site, including updates on new content, new site launches, and market research surveys. ”

    I’ll read the copy of your book that I purchased instead! 🙂


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