The Dynamics GP Cookbook is here

Mark Polino’s book, titled Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook, is out ahead of schedule! I think that’s the first time I have ever heard of something like that happening. I’ve already got my copy and as soon as I get a few minutes I am going to start reading it. In the meantime, you can read a sample chapter or get your own copy and start cookin’ with GP.

3 Responses to “The Dynamics GP Cookbook is here”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Victoria.



  2. Dear Vicotira,

    Thank you alot for your valuble information.
    I have one issue regards the account format .I set up from begining the following before creating any company:
    (select * from dbo.SY00302) – DYNAMICS DB
    1 Segment1 6 0 1
    2 Segment2 6 0 2
    3 Segment3 10 0 3
    4 Segment4 2 0 4
    5 Segment5 6 0 5
    6 Segment6 6 0 6
    7 Segment7 6 0 7
    8 Segment8 6 0 8
    9 Segment9 6 0 9
    10 Segment10 6 0 10

    I already create two company and i used 3 segments with the length of the segment size without any problem.

    Now, we want to create new company with 5 segments but the problem is in segment number 4 ( which we want it to be 5 digit ) but unfortunately what we have in DYNAMICS is 2 digit.How can I change that ?
    BTW, I tried to change it manually ( the table SY00300 which exist in the company DB itself ) – Segment 4 to have 5 digit , but it takes only 3 digit and other 2 disappears.

    Also, I tried to change in Dynamics (Table SY00302) – the segment 4 to 5 digit and I reconciled, and still same problem is exist.

    Please help me in that if doable and possible..Thanks a lot again.


    • Hi Hussain,

      Not sure how this pertains to Mark’s new book? 🙂

      I would not attempt what you are trying to do on your own.

      You can purchase or a tool called Re-Formatter or talk to Microsoft Professional Services about having them do this for you.



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