How to show only invoices on the payables check stub in GP

Here is a question that is brought up frequently by Dynamics GP users – how do we only show invoices that we are paying with this AP check on our check stub?  By default GP will show you everything applied, including credit memos and even non-check payments made between the current check and the last one.  There are 2 ways to control this – globally for the entire company, or one time for a particular check.  Here are the details (click on the screenshots to see larger/clearer versions):


Change the Payables Management Setup by going to Tools > Setup > Purchasing > Payables, changing the List Documents on Remittance setting to Invoices Only and unchecking the List Previously Applied Documents on Remittance:


Important note – only checks created after you make these changes will behave how you want because these settings control the behavior at the time of check creation.

One time

When you are creating a check (no matter what method you’re using for creating it) you have the option to Edit Check – choosing this brings you to the Edit Payables Checks window.  You can also get to to this window by going to Transactions > Purchasing > Edit Check.  On the bottom of the Edit Payables Checks window is a Check Stub button:


The Check Stub button will bring up the Payables Check Stub Documents window, listing all the items that can be shown on this check stub:


You can deselect anything except invoices that this particular check is paying and only selected items will print on the check stub.  No setting is saved anywhere and only this one check is changed.  This method can be very useful for a quick ‘clean up’ of a check.

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  1. Hello,

    I am having a problem where the Remittance portion of the AP Cheques is not printing the complete list of vouchers applied to the cheque total. For example the cheque may be for $5000.00 resulting from 3 Invoices and 1 Credit Note but for some reason only 1 Invoice and the Credit Note will show up on the Remittance.

    In AP Setup I have selected that ‘All Documents’ show on Remittance, and have also checked the box to print Previously Applied Documents.

    There appears to be no particular number of vouchers that show up consistently. The only consistent point is that the list is never complete.

    Any suggestions??




    • Miranda,

      That doesn’t sound right. Are you possibly using a modified report or 3rd party product to print your checks? Something that might not be taking into consideration the AP module settings…?



      • Hi Victoria,
        Thanks so much for your reply. We are using 3rd Party software for printing the checks as we needed the ability to print the MICR encoding. I followed up with their support and they said it was a GP problem.



        • Hi Miranda,

          Just curious, who is the 3rd party company? Do they have something to back up their claim that it is a ‘GP problem’? It’s really impossible for me to say anything definitive without looking at your system/data and trying to duplicate this (with and without the 3rd party product in place). But for what it’s worth, I have not heard of this being a ‘GP problem’ in the 20+ years that I have been using, implementing and supporting GP.



  2. I came across this post while searching for help. I have these settings correct in GP, and they were working. However, that are not working now. The credit memos are still showing up and I don’t understand why….any suggestions?


    • Rita,

      It looks like you’ve already posted about this on the GP Community Forum. From what you’re saying there, if this is something that is still happening and you can reproduce it at will, something is going wrong. If this was a one time occurrence, or only happening for specific vendor(s), it’s possible that those credits were applied prior to you changing the settings and you just have not printed a check for the vendor(s) since you have changed the settings. If so, I would only expect this to happen once per vendor.



      • Thank you Victoria.
        I did some further testing and the next check run for the vendor did drop the credit memos. My settings have always been at Invoices Only so I’m still concerned about why this happened. I’m hoping that today’s check run will be correct.
        Thank you for your response.



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