MDA is here to stay

Thanks to Mark Polino at for alerting me to Microsoft’s announcement that Multidimensional Analysis (MDA) will continue to be sold and supported for Dynamics GP.  Mark’s post has a link to the official announcement, however if you do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics PartnerSource you won’t be able to get to it.  The basic gist of the announcement is that MDA will remain as one of the modules available for Dynamics GP.  It will be sold as part of Analytical Accounting (AA) so any customer buying AA will automatically receive MDA.  There are no dates or other details, which I am interpreting to mean that at least through version 11.0 of GP we’ll still have MDA.

For any new GP customer AA with MDA is included in both the Business Essentials and Advanced Management licensing options.  For customers still on module based licensing, AA with MDA is available as a separate purchase for both GP Professional and GP Standard.

This is great news for us, since we’re using MDA in-house and have a number of customers using it.  For some of our customers we’ve also created customizations and reporting around MDA.  So ever since the original announcement that MDA would be going away several years ago we’ve been waiting to see if there would be a tool to convert MDA to AA and so far there is nothing like that available.  Anyone that has used both will tell you that if all your need is MDA, you really don’t want to have to deal with the complexity of AA.  Now we can all relax and keep using MDA.

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