Crystal Reports book recommendation

Recently I picked up an excellent book on Crystal Reports.  I was looking for answers to some of my more difficult questions, primarily in the area of special formatting and cross tab reports.  This book has helped answer my questions and then some.

Since I get asked for recommendations on Crystal Reports books all the time, I thought I would blog about this one – it’s Crystal Reports Encyclopedia Volume 1: Professional XI Reports by Brian Bischof.  I typically find that I use this book as a reference for looking up specific topics as I need them, but it does also have chapters geared towards beginner Crystal Reports users. 

Besides the wealth of information, I really like the author’s clear and straightforward writing style.  Even for those of us who like reporting, this is not necessarily an easy topic and finding someone who speaks plain English to explain it is not always simple.  I would recommend this book to those already using Crystal Reports and searching for some additional information or anyone looking to start creating Crystal Reports.

3 Responses to “Crystal Reports book recommendation”

  1. I am searching for a Crystal Reference book and Google led me to this link. Ideally the book would be geared toward Microsoft Dynamics. I used Crystal many years ago and am not afraid of report writers but for purposes of this question I am a novice. We are using GP 2016.


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