Best breakfast!

Anyone that knows me well will tell you that not only do I not cook, but I should not be allowed near a stove. Disasterous things have been known to happen simply by my proximity to a stove, or really any cooking implements. I’m lucky I am still allowed in the kitchen. However, I got really lucky in life and my significant other, Joe, is an amazing cook, who actually loves cooking. Yes, I think that’s crazy, too.

Yesterday Joe made a trip to one of his favorite stores, Williams-Sonoma, and picked up an Ebelskiver filled-pancake pan. Check out the video they have of making these! And this morning, after making fun of the name for a bit, we had them for breakfast. They were amazing! The batter is lighter than typical pancakes and Joe filled them with a bunch of different stuff, like rapsberry preserves, peaches and Nutella. (Thankfully not at the same time.)

If you like breakfast foods, and let’s face it, most people do, this is a really great thing to try.  Probably a little too much work for an every day breatfast, but a great treat every once in a while.

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