Just back from The Partner Event

First morning back from going to The Partner Event in Fargo.  We had a wonderful time – met a lot of great people, got some excellent advice in the sessions, gave away lots of prizes, and won some money playing blackjack.  Can you ask for more out of a trip?

I love going to these types of events for lots of reasons, most importantly:

  • Meeting the people that I talk to so often on the phone face to face.  We’re all on the phone so much these days, it’s still not the same as an in-person meeting.
  • Being in a large group of people that know exactly what I do and go through many of the same experiences I do is very warm and fuzzy.
  • Getting out of the office for a few days really helps set aside time to learn that is typically very difficult.
  • I just love Fargo. 

Check out the wonderful Virtual Expo that the folks at The Partner Channel have put together.

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