MR & FRx Resources

Anything marked with a λ will require a login to either CustomerSource or PartnerSource.  If you have questions about accessing CustomerSource or PartnerSource, take a look at this post by David Musgrave and Scott Stephenson.

Management Reporter


7 Responses to “MR & FRx Resources”

  1. Victoria,

    Do you know of a list that compares MR version to the appropriate GP Version?
    For example is there a list somewhere of which MR version is compatable with GP2010 sp4..

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.



  2. Hi victoria,

    I have a customized report in gp using crystal reports. instead of using gp reports viewer, is there a way to insert the crystal report to management reporter? and management reporter to gp 2010 reports?

    Thank you,




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