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Anything marked with a λ requires access to either CustomerSource or PartnerSource.  If you have questions about accessing CustomerSource or PartnerSource, check out this post by David Musgrave and Scott Stephenson.

New Features in GP 2013

Below are links to resources about new features in GP 2013 as well as my two cents on them. The features I have found the most exciting have been called out in bold below. I will keep adding new links at the top of the list as I come across them. I may also be skipping some features that are not too exciting or for modules I do not work with too much, so this is not necessarily a complete list. For a more complete list, please check out the GP 2013 What’s New documentation.  If you have any good links that are not here yet, please let me know.

  • Select a printer when printing - This is huge! Users and consultants alike have been waiting for this for a long time. When you print a report to the screen, then choose Print, instead of the printout going to the printer defaulted to by GP, you now will see a the standard Windows printer selection window. Hooray!
  • Suggested Sales Items - This feature adds a new window where you can add up to 5 suggested items for each inventory item. During Sales Transaction Entry, when you tab off an item that has suggested items set up, a new window pops up listing the suggested items. You can select the items you want to add and they will automatically be added to the transaction. I think that many companies will really like this, however, some users may find it cumbersome to click through the new window pop-up every time if they do not want to add the suggested items.
  • Web Client  - This is the biggie for GP 2013. While there are many other new features, the Web Client is the feature that most people are talking about and that many customers have been waiting for. Keep in mind that because it’s brand new, you should expect some ‘growing pains’ as well as a learning curve, not only for Dynamics GP partners,  consultants and ISV’s, but for Dynamics GP support, as well. Also not all GP functionality will be available for the web client right away, so most companies will still need the ‘traditional’ desktop client as well as the web client. Another consideration is that you may need additional infrastructure to support the web client that you may not currently have. In conclusion, while the web client is a great and very anticipated feature, you should approach it carefully with enough planning and testing. 
  • Computer Prepayments and Manual Prepayments for PO’s - These features allow entering a prepayment for Purchase Orders and having that follow the Purchase Order through the system. I personally have been asking for this feature for over 10 years and I know many of our customers will really appreciate this new functionality. UPDATE on June 21, 2013: in starting to investigate this feature, I found out that it can only be used if Project Accounting, Analytical Accounting AND Multidimensional Accounting are not registered. This effectively rules out a huge number of Dynamics GP implementations and it means that many companies out there will not able to take advantage of this functionality, including my company. I am really bummed to discover this.
  • Prevent PO Close with Unmatched Quantity  - Not something I have really run into before as an issue, this option will pop up a warning when a user tries to close a Purchase Order that has unmatched quantities.
  • Document Attach - This new feature allows for a much nicer interface to attach files to GP transactions – another long requested feature. The only caveat may be that it is only available for some windows/documents.
  • Return Quantity Types  - This will allow for changing the type of quantity when items are returned using an RMA. Definitely nice to have for many companies that use RMA’s.
  • Inactivate Inventory Site and Item/Site  - Very nice new feature to allow inactivating either an Item/Site combination or the entire Inventory Site. Inactivating will prevent new transactions from posting, but will keep history for reporting and inquiry purposes.
  • Reprint Payable Remittance  - This is one of the most requested features I have seen on Dynamics GP forums – the ability to reprint a payables check stub/remittance and show not only what invoices were paid, but also what credits were applied and shown on the original check stub.
  • RMA SOP Consolidate  - Nice new feature that will allow adding additional items from RMA’s to open SOP orders, so as to not need to create a new SOP order each time.
  • Print 1096 Form  - Great new feature that has been long requested, glad to see this finally!
  • Default Sort Order View for SmartList Favorites  - Looking at the more detailed description of this feature, I think it may be somewhat misnamed. That aside, this is another small but often requested feature that will allow setting the default view for a select list of key Dynamics GP lookups including Customers, Vendors and Items.
  • Multi-tenant SQL Reports  - Definitely about this was added. Although, I have heard many people complain that these reports don’t work very well. Not sure if any of that is being addressed as well.
  • Credit Card Vendor’s Invoice Void  - Long awaited feature for those, like me, that use credit card a lot in the Payables module. Now when you void a payment for a vendor, if it was made with a credit card and the associated credit card invoice is still open, that will be voided automatically. Excellent!
  • Update 1099 Information  - Awesome new feature to give us a lot more flexibility in updating 1099 information. This will allow updating all historical transactions for a vendor and/or making changes at the transaction level as needed and will be really helpful for many companies.
  • Edit Remit To Address  - Nice addition to Payables functionality allowing you to edit the Remit To Address after an invoice is posted. I have had to do this for customers directly in SQL in the past, especially when they were switching over to EFT, so I know this is something users need.
  • GL Journal Entry History Inquiry  - Another small, but nice, feature that’s been a long time coming. Versions of Dynamics GP prior to 2013 only allowed looking at open year GL entries in the inquiry window, so most users ended up using SmartList instead. It will be nice not to have this limitation anymore.   
  • Pay Code, Benefit & Deduction Modifier  - This looks like a new PSTL tool that would be very useful for Payroll users.
  • Update Back Order Item Qty in Field Service  - This addresses Service Call Management and Depot Management, which I have not worked with, but looks like something that would be a needed feature for a company using Inventory with those modules. 
  • Unapply Credit Documents when Voiding a Check  - This is a biggie, and will hopefully address a lot of requests we have seen about this. However, I am sure that we will now start seeing the reverse of this request, where users do not want the credits to be unapplied automatically. Overall, still a positive change, I think.   
  • Print SSRS Reports directly from GP forms windows  - This is very nice and I think many would say ‘about time!’ However, looks like it is limited to only a select number of windows in GP. Hard to judge how useful companies will find this, in my experience SSRS has still not taken off like we thought it would, so there are still many companies out there that prefer  Crystal Reports or even Excel reports to SSRS. Also, the name of this feature is slightly misleading, as many people think ‘forms’ are reports, whereas in GP Dexterity terminology forms are actually what most typically call ‘windows’.
  • Reconcile Inventory to GL  - Many users have been waiting for this feature, however, the AP and AR reconciliations to GL were also eagerly awaited and many users have found them lacking for a number of reasons. Hopefully this feature will take those lessons into consideration and be as useful as we all want it to be. 
  • Email Indicators  - This looks like a great idea, unfortunately there is not enough detail in the PowerPoint for me. I am guessing that this will be for SOP as well as POP transactions, but the screenshot only shows SOP. Also, if the indicators are only going to be visible on the navigation lists, then they are pretty useless for many customers who do not use the navigation lists.
  • Fixed Assets Historical Depreciation Report  - This has been a long requested feature and should address the needs of many companies. You will have an ‘as of’ date to run depreciation for. This one gets a thumbs up!
  • Additional Word Templates  - I could easily (but will not, so as to keep this list somewhat manageable) go on a rant about how ridiculous I think Word Templates are for Dynamics GP’s SOP and POP reports. However, this feature also adds the ability to email Packing Slips and Picking Tickets, which may be nice for some companies, although certainly not something that I have heard requested a lot.
  • Tenant Service  - This will add functionality for web services and the upcoming GP web client in GP 2013. Hard to talk about this without seeing more, but sounds good so far and certainly the web client is something many companies are eagerly awaiting.
  • Enhancements to the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports Window  - Very nice feature that addresses one of the pet peeves I have had for a long time when working with modified windows and reports by adding a ‘Change All’ button.
  • Tracking Serial/Lot Numbers on Drop Ship PO’s  - Excellent feature and something that should get more companies using the GP drop ship functionality that is often done ‘manually’ now by receiving into and selling from a dummy (or real) inventory location.
  • Inactive Inventory Items  - This is another big new feature for anyone using Inventory! We’ll finally have the ability to mark any item Inactive to prevent sales and purchases of it. This has been a frequent request and will be anticipated by many.
  • Ship To Address Name  - Adds the ability to include a Name for each Customer or Vendor Address. This is nice, but has easily been handled by putting the name in another field by those customers that needed it. (Note: I could not open the PowerPoint file until I saved it, opened PowerPoint first, pointed to the file, then ran a repair when prompted. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, but until then, this is a workaround.)   
  • New Year End Close Features  - Options to clear Unit Account balances and keep Inactive accounts. I am very excited about the feature to clear Unit Account balances and have many customers that will also benefit from this.  
  • POP Tolerance Handling  – Works for both Inventory and Non-Inventory items. I am reserving judgement on this one, some companies may not like the automatic cancelling of under-received quantities. However, we get an inadvertent(?) sneak peak at the set up for POP Prepayments, which is something I have been waiting for since I started using Dynamics GP back in the stone age.
  • Naming User Defined Fields on Customer Address Maintenance  - This is a feature that does not really do anything for me. While I have had customers ask about renaming these in the past, this was never terribly important for anyone and certainly never a show stopper. Nevertheless, it is nice to see some of these small annoyances being addressed in new GP versions.
  • Print Picklist Shortage Inquiry  - I do not work with Manufacturing, however, this certainly looks like a nice feature for these that do. What I found interesting on this feature is the fact that this is a SQL Reporting Services report which would force users to set up SSRS if they want this, even if they are not using it for anything else. 
  • Inventory Bin Transfer History  - Very nice feature for companies using Multiple Bins in Inventory and another one that has been requested for quite a while.
  • EFT Format Enhancements  - Includes ability to have a Settlement Date that is different from the Transmission Date, which is something that I have been asked for by customers.
  • Inventory Transaction Reason Codes  - Introduces Reason Codes for inventory movements entered in the Inventory Module. A nice feature, but not a must have. Certainly would make reporting easier for companies that have a lot of inventory movements and start using this functionality.

15 Responses to “GP 2013 Resources”

  1. Victoria,

    First I want to say that you have helped me out of binds more times that I can mention. You are amazing!

    Now, I find myself in a bind that I’m hoping you can help with. We just upgraded to GP2013 and ran the first payroll today. We seem to be missing the “APR AFM” payroll report that shows the distributions in various ways. We need this report BAD and can’t find it anywhere. Do you have any idea how we can get this report??

    Thanks so much!
    Ann Ellis


    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your kind words. I am not a Payroll expert, but that does not sound like an out-of-the-box report to me. Is it possible that this was something custom created for you that might not have been upgraded? :-( First place to check would probably be your GP partner, or whoever you think would have put a customer report in place for you. If you think this is an out-of-the-box report, I would recommend asking about this on the Dynamics GP Community Forum – there are some very knowledgeable folks on there.



      • Thank you so much Victoria,

        This is an out of the box report that has a breakdown of gross pay, taxes, deductions, etc in both summary and detail by employee. It appears that you can only get this report immediately upon calculation of the current payroll batch. GP asks you if you want to print it and calls it APR AFM (but I’m not sure what that stands for). We’ve found ourselves in a pickle if we accidentally don’t print it because there doesn’t seem to be a way to access this report historically.

        So, we’ve processed our first payroll since the upgrade and didn’t see that particular report come up as an option to print. So, we’re wondering what happened to it and how we can get it.

        I will try posting something in the GP Community Forum!


        • Hi Ann,

          You may want to check the posting setups for payroll to ensure that this report is marked as one to print during the posting routine. I believe some of these settings change by default when upgrade to GP 2013.

          Good Luck!


  2. I’ve read much of your work and your posts have been helpful over the years. I’m hoping you may have suggestion or know of someone with the same problem we are currently having. I’m at my wit’s end on this one.
    We run payroll weekly and every week in 2014 we’ve had the same recurring problem: a payroll check is cut for more than the actual calculated net pay for some employees. The following are also associated with this issue:
    1) The check cannot be voided (says check does not exist)
    2) The check posting batch is out of balance by the amount the employee was overpaid (account affected is the Cash account bc it’s paying them more than the liabilities and expenses)
    3) Sometimes the Federal and/Or State Taxes are not calculated at all but other standard deductions are
    4) The Recreate Check Stub feature will display correct amount but shows where the direct deposit was for the wrong amount.
    5) All checks affected so far have garnishments (either court-order and/or notes/loans from our company). We use PIP for our garnishments not greenshades. It does not affect everyone with a garnishment.
    6) Some of the affected employees would have netted zero & been in arrears, but not all. It only adds money to their pay never takes it.

    Microsoft’s suggestion to our partner was to re-sequence the deductions to: TSA deductions, Standard, then Garnishments which we tried and less people were affected but it still occurred. This is creating major issues with net wages and taxes, not too mention paying people extra, non-traceable amounts. Having it affect a handful of people a week is burdensome for us. Through testing, I think I’ve ruled out an issue with minimun net pay and maximum garnishment rules. The amount they’re overpaid is not consistant either, I can’t narrow down how it gets the number but it does vary by the deduction sequence when testing.

    MS believe it’s just a sequencing problem which it is however, why it’s consistantly happening every week since the YE update seems questionable.

    Thank you.


  3. We are having problems with the following and I hope you are able to help solve this problem – Transactions | Purchasing | Select Checks, we put a ‘due date’ in and basically I want to only cut checks that are due to be paid up to (and including) that date. The system is currently ignoring that and just selecting every single check, even if they’re due way after the date I’ve specified.
    For example: I have three invoices for the one vendor which are due as follows: 11/8/13; 11/15/13; 11/16/13
    When I ran my batch the first time, I used a due date of 11/3, which is my normal ‘ten days out’ date from today so NONE of them should have been pulled. I thought that perhaps I had screwed up, so I voided the check, and tried again, this time with a due date of 11/10, so I should – in theory – just catch one invoice. All three have pulled again. Do you have any insight as to what could be wrong?


    • Hi Leigh Ann,

      I have not seen this be an issue before. Is this happening for a particular vendor or for all vendors? Have you confirmed the due dates in GP are what they should be for each of the invoices in question?



      • This is happening across all of our vendors. The due dates in GP are correct for the invoices in question. We’ve used this same process since upgrading into GP 2010 (over a year and a half ago) and have only started to see this issue since our GP 2013 upgrade. I thought it may be a permissions or alternate/modified forms configuration, but I don’t see anything that looks out of place or that has changed. This is quite perplexing and frustrating to our staff who are searching through and printing individual checks from the resulting list of all checks. Your help is greatly appreciated.


        • Leigh Ann,

          I am not able to duplicate this in my testing. I am using GP 2013 SP 2 with no customizations or modifications that would touch the Payables Computer Check functionality. I cannot see anything related to this in any of the service pack fix lists, and I have not heard of this being an issue before, so it feels like this may be isolated to your environment. Have you talked to your GP Partner or Microsoft Support about this?



  4. Can someone point me to a KB or configuratin requirements document that allows for the Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise edition instead of just Professinal and Ultimate?



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